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Acupuncture helps many women struggling to get pregnant and stay pregnant. It can be used to regulate cycles, improve difficult periods,decrease stress and anxiety surrounding the fertility process and optimize health for the many women said to have undiagnosed infertility. Colleen has also worked closely with Reproductive Endocrinologists to make their treatments, including IVF more successful.

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Colleen previously worked in an oncology center offering supportive treatments for patients during and after cancer treatment. Acupuncture has proven effective for stress, pain management, insomnia, neuropathy, hot flashes, and immune support for patients managing their cancer diagnosis

Chronic pain and frustrating health problems don't need to control your life. Acupuncture excels at treating stubborn conditions. Treatments can reduce pain and inflammation,improve mobility and range of motion, Colleen treats back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, knee pain, hip pain, post-surgical pain, and chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia. 

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The clinic is now open! Keeping my patients safe and healthy is my number one priority and so we have put in place new increased safety measures to protect you from COVID-19. The clinic is being thoroughly disinfected with EPA approved disinfectants between each patient. I am also requiring all patients to wear a mask for the entire time you’re in the clinic as well as wearing one myself. I ask that anyone who has had a fever, any cold or flu symptoms, or has been in contact with anyone with cold or flu symptoms or known infection please stay home. 

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