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Acupuncture with Colleen has allowed me to play pain free competitive golf for the last 3 years.  I used to get at least 3 pain block injections each year to get through the season pain free, and I have not had one in the last 3 years.  I attribute that all to the acupuncture services I have received from Colleen."   Jason M.

For starters, Colleen Porter has helped me to lose weight safely and effortlessly. I kid you not. All I had to do was follow her simple advice. She's shared with me many helpful hints about diet and nutrition -- things your typical doctor would never discuss in a typical office visit. But perhaps most important, Colleen has helped me overcome a lifelong battle with hay fever by using an entirely new tack: Chinese herbal medicine. 

Last August, as another devastating hay fever season loomed large for me, I decided to try something new. Instead of going to my doctor for the usual steroid shots and nasal sprays, I began drinking a special herbal tea that Colleen concocted for me. As the ragweed and other powerful pollens began to fill the air, a funny thing happened to me -- or rather did NOT happen ...

For the first time in more than 30 years, I did NOT sneeze, my eyes did NOT swell and itch uncontrollably, and my nasal passages did NOT get clogged up with mucus. In other words, I felt NORMAL. And perhaps most important, I felt that way without the use of prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs.

For the first time in years, I didn't need to see a traditional allergist for hydrocortisone and medral dose packs and other drugs to get me through the season. Instead, all I needed was to take Colleen excellent advice and to drink her customized Chinese herbal tea.- David M

For the past three years, I have struggled with reoccurring migraines and amenorrhea, and after countless doctor appointments, one doctor recommend acupuncture.  On my first visit to Colleen, she was very sensitive and mindful of my hesitation to seeing the needles and quickly calmed any fear I had.  After my first acupuncture treatment there was a noticeable difference in my temperament and I was tremendously more relaxed.  After two full months, my migraines were nearly non-existent and my cycle returned, and while I continue to receive acupuncture, both issues appear to be resolved.  Colleen is such a lovely person, and I will forever be grateful for her help and the friendship we formed during my visits.- Kristen W.

Am writing to tell you that what you did yesterday to help my bowel situation was immensely successful. After a couple of months of more constant and intensifying pain, suddenly the pain and the feeling of internal swelling is almost entirely gone! -Joan B.

I am a Feldenkrais teacher in Royal Oak, Michigan. I have had the privilege to work with Colleen both personally and professionally. 
She is a gifted practitioner. For me personally, her knowledge in structural acupuncture, combined with Chinese medicine has been very helpful. Her commitment to health and helping people achieve it are admirable!​- Kathleen D.